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Kosher Catering

Kosher Catering


Baruch Hashem

Beruchim Ha'baim! Welcome to Sonoma County!
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At the Chabad Jewish Center, we are prepared and equipped to cater your Kosher meals from basic to elegant for your personal or corporate event.

 We can match many other menus or you can choose from our menu options here

For more information about ordering your catered kosher meals please contact Altie  or 707-577-0277

(We can also work with local venues to facilitate onsite Kosher catering)

 We have proudly provided kosher meals at:
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Piano Teacher ~ Marina Lynn ~ 707-7917514 

Carol Coleman Licensed Psychotherapist
Carol @ 525-4646

Mossman Accounting
Yaakov @ 526-1559

Gorbach Financial Services
Howard @ 996-4679

Sanford Bressick Insurance
Sanford @ 528-1597

Electric Crayon Printing
Michael @ 541-3838

Oliver's Market
795-9501 or 284-3530

Martin Levy Real Estate
Martin @ 303-3333

Kozlowski Farms
Visit or call 887-1587

Hagafen Cellars

Mohel - Rabbi Gil Leeds

Law Office of Evan E. Zelig
Evan @ 636-3204 

Jonathan Kreger Podiatry
Jonathan @  462-4136

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Eli @ 571-8175

Valley of the Moon Pottery
Caryn @ 538-2554 

Michael Shapiro Landscaping
Michael @ 235-1869