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Chabad Chaplaincy Program

Visiting the Sick is an integral part of Chabad's community programs. We know that healing is facilitated through the visits of caring, sensitive men and women. Members of our Visitation Committee reach out to those at home and in hospitals and make follow-up phone calls

Nursing Homes are visited by Chabad volunteers prior to holidays, or upon request. These visits are important to bring joy and love to the elderly.

Prison Chaplaincy is another vital part of Chabad's chaplaincy work; visiting and counseling detainees in Sonoma County prisons. At this vulnerable point in a prisoner's life, the hope and help offered by a spiritual mentor can make all the difference. The challenge does not end at the prisons, for many inmates need a helping hand to get back into society, Rabbi Mendel Wolvovsky serves as prison chaplain.



In response to the difficult economic times, Chabad is distributing weekly food packages to individuals or families who are in genuine need. The program is open to Jews and non-Jews alike.

To request a food package please email


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Carol Coleman Licensed Psychotherapist
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Mossman Accounting
Yaakov @ 526-1559

Gorbach Financial Services
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Sanford Bressick Insurance
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Electric Crayon Printing
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Oliver's Market
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Kozlowski Farms
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Hagafen Cellars

Mohel - Rabbi Gil Leeds

Law Office of Evan E. Zelig
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