Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don't want to miss a day. They come in with a smile and leave humming a Hebrew song. Walking through the halls, you can hear the sounds of lively discussion, of singing, laughter and prayer. Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit of Judaism. Imagine the pride of his/her parents.

Welcome to Hebrew School of the Arts! Our School enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trend setter in creative Jewish education for children ages 4-12. Chabad offers exciting new programs, a dynamic staff and interested students. Our student body is made up of children from various backgrounds and affiliations. Synagogue membership is not required.

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We encourage you as a parent to get involved, ask questions and keep in touch. Feel free to contact me at any time.

When & Where?

Starting Tuesday, September 12!
Tuesdays 4:00-5:30 pm
@ Chabad 2461 Summerfield Road

Altie Wolvovsky, Director

Our Staff!
Our faculty is comprised of highly motivated teachers with a proven track record of caring, devotion and academic expertise. Every child enjoys individual attention from instructors who are carefully selected for their abilities to connect with, appropriately assess and cater to the needs of each student.
Registration for 2021/22 year is now open!